Heat Pump Prices 2011

Looking for the current heat pump prices? Now you’ve come to the right website. Before knowing the specific cost of heat pump, you should learn some basic knowledge first to distinguish which one is suitable for you.

The first concept is SEER rating. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which is defined by the Air Conditioning. The higher the SEER is, the more energy it can save. The popular SEER ratings are 13, 14, 15, 17 and 19. In my opinion, you don’t need to pursue high SEER regardless of the high price. SEER 13 is enough and perform well in energy saving. Another heat pump parameter is ton size. You can pick the proper ton size according you own need. 2-3 ton water capacity is proper for house using and 5 ton is suitable for small business using.

The easiest way to get a fair and reasonable heat pump price is to ask for all your local contractors’ bids and compare them. But it’s so hard and time-consuming to get the detailed prices of all the local contractors. Fortunately, you can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ bids online.

If you can’t finish the above estimate online and don’t worry. Here is another alternative method to get a relatively reasonable cost of heat pump.

Choose a dependable brand first

There are so many heat pump manufacturers and I just list top ten Here:










American Standard

Choose a proper type according to your home situation and financial situation.

Geothermal heat pump is the energy-saving king of all the HVAC. But it costs more than 10000 dollars and you need to ask for professional contractor to make the installation. Compact heat pump is more flexible and good for limited space installation. If you want to free control each room’s heat and cooling, the ductless mini split heat pump is your first choice.

Compare the heat pump prices online or by calling

Now that you’ve find the proper model and brands. The next step is to find the price bid and compare. Many brands official website offer the dealer-finder service. Just enter you zip then you can find local contractors easily. Another alternative method is searching the specific model in Google Shopping Searching and you will find a lot of online dealers with bids.

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