Amana ASZ13 13 SEER Heat Pump Review

by admin on July 1, 2011

Generations of Americans have trusted the Amana brand for heating and cooling systems that outlast the others. Today, everyone associated with the Amana brand is proud of that history, and The products remain true to our principles of integrity and dependability.  AMANA has been long commended as one of American most reliable and reputable company for all kinds of high-quality products. Its heat pump is as laudable as the others and it brings you a comfortable and high quality life.

The Amana® brand ASZ13 Heat Pump uses the chlorine free refrigerant R-410A and features operating sound levels that are believe to be among the best in the heating and cooling industry. The ASZ13 features an energy-efficient Copeland scroll compressor that provides improved temperature and humidity control.

Then let’s learn more about the main features of this model:

  • The ASZ13 Heat Pump is installed with energy-efficient scroll compressor and R-410 chlorine-free refrigerant. to guarantee its efficient but energy-saving working.
  • The model uses the SmartShift™ technology with short-cycle protection .
  • This device applies all factory-installed high-capacity muffler and Factory-installed suction line accumulator to make all its work done as properly as being designed for.
  • This unit devised with compressor short-cycle protection and high-and-low pressure switches to  assure customers of their safety.
  • This model surely has the long-lasting Amana brand quality and durability


The AMANA ASZ13 Heat 13 SEER Pump Prices:

1.5 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump $1,413.00

2ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump  $1,720.00

2.5 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump $2,378.00

3 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump $3,100.00

3.5 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump $3,220.00

4 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump $3,500.00

5 ton  AMANA SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump$4,100.00

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.



AMANA  Heat Pump Models:

Model : ASZ130181A  TONNAGE :    1.5   Capacity: 18000    HxWx D: 26x26x32¼       Shipping Weight (lbs) 178

Model : ASZ140241A  TONNAGE :    2     Capacity: 24000    HxWx D: 26x26x32¼       Shipping Weight (lbs) 176

Model : ASZ140301A  TONNAGE :    2.5   Capacity: 30000    HxWx D: 26x26x32¼      Shipping Weight (lbs) 177

Model : ASZ140361A  TONNAGE :    3     Capacity: 36000    Hx W x D: 29x29x38¼

Shipping Weight (lbs)     216

Model : ASZ140421A  TONNAGE :    3.5   Capacity: 42000    HxWx D: 29x29x38¼

Shipping Weight (lbs) 240

Model : ASZ130481A  TONNAGE :    4     Capacity: 48000    HxWx D: 29x29x38¼

Shipping Weight (lbs) 256

Model : ASZ130601A  TONNAGE :    5     Capacity: 60000    HxWx D: 35½x35½x34¼  Shipping Weight (lbs)       310


AMANA ASZ13 13 SEER Heat Pump Warranty

10-Year Parts Limited Warranty covers the compressor and functional parts in your new ASZ13 system. If you want to know more description of this product warranty, you can click the website on the consumer brochure.

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