Ducane Air Conditioner Reviews

by admin on July 23, 2011

The Ducane Company has been in the business since 1999. Although it may seem that the company is not that new, you need to know that Ducane is also owned by Lennox. Lennox is well-known in the field of air-conditioning. With the solid guarantee of a company that knows what they are talking about, you are in good hands when you purchase a Duane air-conditioner.

Some Features of the Ducane model air conditioner

  • Select Ducane air conditioner models include a compressor sound blanket for lower noise levels on condensers
  • Easy access to the control panel in Ducane air conditioners
  • All Ducane air conditioners are factory run tested
  • Louvered coil guards give Ducane air conditioners durability
  • Pricing of the Ducane air-conditioner

The pricing structure commences from $400 as lower and goes up to around  $ 1,500. This includes the installation charges. An additional $1,000 will be charged for labor. You can check with the dealers of Ducane whether the labor component can be waived off and have it included in the pricing of the air conditioning unit.

Ducane Air Conditioner Prices

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.


Warranty for the Ducane air-conditioner

The warranty that Ducane offers is lifetime.

5 Years: On the compressor

5 years: on all   the internal components.

Always remember that the Ducane product also has the Lennox guarantee.  Ducane only give you this warranty advantage only if you register the product within 60 days prior to the warranty expiry. Make sure to get the Ducane air-conditioner installed by a professional person either from Lennox or from Ducane. Coverage of the lifetime warranty is a plus point for you. This means that Ducane have the confidence that their products are lifetime guaranteed. With very little complaints about the product, you will be assured that the back-up from not one but two prestigious companies is there for back-up. Trying to install the equipment and tampering with the Ducane air-conditioner will disqualify your warranty with the company. If you do not have proper technical knowledge then do not try to do it yourself. You will find that you will have to pay much more than you budgeted for.

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