Trane XC95m Communicating Gas Furnace Review

by admin on June 20, 2011

Trane Communicating is a world class leading manufacturer. In a review conducted on the, Trane Communicating XC95m it was found out that they provide you with the most efficient, reliable, and advanced heating systems. With the expertise they have and advanced engineering technology that is used by Trane means they can be classed as one of the best in the gas furnace manufacturing trade.


Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace is the one of the most efficient in conserving energy and reducing the cost of energy that is used. Trane can provide the customer with a number of designs. The company has been in the business for many years and they always have the customer’s welfare at heart. They are not a company that simply sell and disappear.

Features of the Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace have been reviewed for the ease of any individual wanting to make the correct decision with regard to the purchase of a gas furnace. After carefully reviewing the Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace, it is highly recommended as one of the most reliable furnace you will ever find. You get what is worth for the money that you spend.

Features of the Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace

  • Comfort Link II Communicating technology which adjusts all system components automatically for maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Up to 95% AFUE, Energy Star rated and eligible for the federal energy efficiency tax credits
  • Variable speed blower for quiet, consistent and balanced heating.
  • Modulating gas valve reduces gas consumption and only heats to required levels, for optimum control.
  • TAM model allows you to adjust settings remotely using your mobile phone.
  • Comfort-R mode reduces humidity when cooling by circulating air continuously when you select the mode.
  • Multi-port in-shot burners for maximum efficiency.
  • Silicon nitride igniter is durable and dependable.
  • 1-piece primary heat exchanger is made from aluminized steel for durability and performance
  • Insulated cabinet reduces noise and heat loss, and is made from durable, powder coated steel.
  • Washable permanent filter.
  • System is compatible with Trane Clean Effects advanced air filter and humidifier.
  • 4 sizes of down flow/horizontal and up flow/horizontal furnaces: 60K Btu/3 ton; 80K Btu/3 ton; 100K Btu/4 ton; and 120K Btu/5 ton.

Review of the Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace Prices

Price              : $3,500

Capacity  : 100,000 Btu

Model            : Trane Communicating XC95m


Price              : $2,600 gas furnace only

Capacity  : 60,000 Btu

Model            : Trane Communicating XC95m


The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.



Warranty Review

Lifetime warranty : Heat exchanger a 10-year warranty on internal functional parts.

Register your furnace within 60 days. Make sure Trane professionals install the equipment.

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