Trane XL14i Heat Pump Review

by admin on June 16, 2011

Reviewing the Trane XLI4i gives you the assurance that you are able to breathe fresh and condensed air purified by Trane products. The feeling is simply fabulous, especially when you install a Trane heat pump. When the weather conditions are harsh, that is when you will understand the value of the product

To have cleaner and healthier air indoors Add a “Trane CleanEffects” to your system. This allows clean air filtration. Being an advanced technology, it removes, dust particles, pollen and any other irritants that have entered your home.

This energy efficient heat pump is manufactured with a SEER rating of 15 and an HSPF of 9.85. The components are very durable and consist of “Climatuff” compressor that works almost soundless. The “WeatherGuard II” top, galvanized steel louvers, and baked on powder paint provide the ultimate protection of the unit.

In terms of pricing, the price for the unit is economical, especially considering the value added service that Trane offers to their customers. At Trane, the customer is king, so the pricing includes additional benefits.

Price:      $5,600 Model: Trane XL14i   Capacity: 3 Ton

Heat pump comes with a variable speed handler. Inclusive of

installation charges.


Price: $7,000  Model: Trane XL14i Capacity: 4 Ton This heat pump also comes with a variable speed handler and includes the installation charge.


The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.



Installation include the ductwork building and unit fixing. Find a qualified contractor according to where you live and your own other conditions is very important for ductwork building.

These benefits are solely offered to the customer, so that they get value for money. It is no wonder that Trane can offer these services, considering their achievements over the years.

Just to name a few:

November 2010 Trane Named CES Innovations
October 2010 Trane Receives POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Award

August 2010 Trane Featured on Nationally Syndicated Television Show “The Daily Buzz”

August 2010 Trane’s Tips for “Greening” Your HVAC System Featured on “The Money Pit” Radio Program

August 2010 Trane System’s Energy Efficiency Featured on DIY Network’s “This New House”

July 2010 “Energy Matters” News Article Delivers Trane Energy Efficiency Messages to the Media

July 2010 Trane XL20i Featured in Radio and Television Broadcasts Nationwide

June 2010 Trane Wins Again in ACHR NEWS’ 2010 Dealer Design Awards

June 2010 Trane System Contributes Energy Efficiency to          ReVISION Home Project

May 2010 Nationally Syndicated Television Program Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls Shows Viewers the Many Benefits of a Trane System

May 2010 Clean Indoor Air Tips, Trane CleanEffects Recommended on &

May 2010 National TV Show HouseSmarts Focuses on Trane and Energy Efficiency

April 2010 Trane Programmable Thermostat Featured in Ladies’ Home Journal

April 2010 Trane Heating and Cooling Systems Recommended for Greener Living on Earth Day 2010

April 2010 Tyler Employees Green East Texas in Earth Day Celebrations

February 2010 Whole-House Air Cleaners Recommended in Supplemental Report to the Washington Post





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